About Barry Grummer

LinkedIn_Profile_Picture_1410454257Since 2000, Barry Grummer has guided K Restoration & Roofing Corp. in New York as president. His industry experience goes back to his high school years in the early 1970s. He later started his own business while a student at Rutgers College. In 1979, Barry Grummer joined Kay Waterproofing as a mechanic assistant, and he learned his trade through diverse assignments, which ranged from hauling bricks to working on scaffolds. In 1981, he became a project manager and spearheaded sustained growth activities that expanded the company threefold. He became a full partner in the company in 1986.

Since taking the helm of K Restoration & Roofing Corp., Mr. Grummer has expanded beyond waterproofing into areas such as masonry and facade restoration. He currently manages a roster of more than two dozen ongoing projects as part of an enterprise that generates annual revenues of $15 million. Barry Grummer and his team of well-qualified professionals have experience in exteriors of diverse eras, from the early 20th century to today.


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